The plot thickens

The plot system is now online, and is available once you log in. In it, you can formalize plots between you and other players – plot here meaning anything from a shared secret or an experience you’ve had with someone else, social circles and “common knowledge” up to dramatic intrigue, conspiracies or clues to storylines.

We have also begun assigning some plots from the fiction team to players – not everyone has one at the moment – and will continue assigning more as we go along. Most won’t be big, cataclysmic plotlines but rather smaller, every day things to get you involved in some underlying plotlines without forcing your character into something huge.

Bus tickets & extras!

The Lotka Shop is now open! In it you can buy tickets for the buses transporting participants from Stockholm Central and Arlanda Airport to Thermopylae (and back, after the larp is over). You can also buy a nice Lotka-Volterra t-shirt, design by Tia Carolina Ihalainen (not the same as the Supporter t-shirt), and if you fell in love with your shared little cot you can pay to bring it home after the larp.

Remember: The Stockholm Central bus leaves at 10:50 on Thursday, the Airport bus leaves at 11:30. All buses leave from Thermopylae at 11:00 on Sunday.

NOTE! Last day to order a t-shirt and get it in time for the larp is the 25th of March! The same goes for bus tickets, so don’t wait!

You’ll find the link to the shop in the menu when logged in.

T-shirtdesign (work in progress) by Tia Carolina Ihalainen.

The packing list

The packing list is now live as well. Both as a reminder for yourself to bring your toothbrush and extra socks, but also as a way for us to check what you aim to bring in terms of props, props only for your own use (Personal, of no consequence) and props for more general use (Temporarily assigned).

How to: Maintenance

We are putting together documents on what to expect from your work shifts for the various groups represented at Thermopylae. First out is Maintenance, but more will follow shortly (we won’t wait until friday but just get them out there as soon as they are ready). Check it out here.

Rest & Recreation

All work and no play makes everyone dull, so what to do once your work shift is over? The overcrowded recroom offers some entertainment:

  • Games: A deck of cards or two and a few simple board games.
  • Watch one of the (few) Super 8 reels on the projector
  • Tape player. This is where the mixtapes are!
  • Read one of the few books or magazines available
  • We hope to add a few other things, like a video game console and/or a guitar. If any participant has any good books or magazines (in English) you want to bring, let us know! And it’s always good to bring an instrument you can play…

If relaxing isn’t your thing, there’s always the gym where you can lift weights and beef up. Mighty popular with SURFOPS and Maintenance alike.

Tired Thermopylae denizens with hours left to go before their sleep shift can always come crash in the restroom, where there will be a few spare cots and maybe a few bean sacks.

Other common leisure activities are getting a hair cut (helps with the lice too…), mending clothes or knitting, visiting The Wall or the popular favourite; sneaking off into the tunnels to make out. We would like to encourage you all to come up with things to do on your leisure time and in smaller social circles or groups. Maybe there needs to be an inter-faith prayer group? A study group? A choir (the acoustics on the shooting range is amazing)?

Then there’s always that whispered about still that produces booze…

Documentation team

We believe larp documentation is important, not only because everyone loves to have photos of themselves looking badass but because larps exist mostly in the minds of the players and by documenting a larp you preserve it for history. At Lotka-Volterra we have a team dedicated to documenting the larp and here’s how that is going to work:

We have a dedicated photographer (Frida Karlsson) and a dedicated film team (Niklas Lindgren and Petter Karlsson). All three will be playing characters, but are naturally rather “light” as their main priority is not getting involved in the drama but to capture it. Adjust your play if necessary to allow the documentation team to do their work, and the documentation team will try to be as non-invasive as possible.

You are naturally free to interact with them, but please don’t put them in a situation where they cannot do their jobs (so no locking them up or fighting them for instance). The film team will, diegetically, have been sent out by Haven to get footage from Thermopylae for the Haven video streams.

Non-diegetic camera

Fridas camera is non-diegetic, meaning it doesn’t exist in-game and you should ignore it. Just act like you would normally. Our experience is you forget about the camera very quickly, and the results are usually pretty amazing photographs taken in-game.

Diegetic camera

Petter and Niklas cameras and equipment is diegetic, meaning they do exist in the game and you can – if you want to – interact with them like any other player.

Wall of tears

As Haven people have done both at home and at other outposts the first rotations at Thermopylae have also created a “wall of tears” (but most people just call it The Wall). It’s a part of a wall in the corridor where people put memories of things they have lost. It has photos or drawings of family members or shift buddies lost to the Enemy, it has small trinkets and it has poetry and graffitti. The idea for the wall in Haven started out as a place to grieve lost friends, but it has evolved into a place where you place memories from before Nightfall in general. The Wall is respected – no one would remove anything from it – and for many it’s a natural place to visit during the day to remember, to pray or to vow revenge.

We would like to encourage players to bring something to the wall. It can be photos, but it can also be a something less obvious; a wrapper for a Whopper burger, a scribbled quote from an old pop song, a drawing of the sun, a bird feather etc.

Bring in the grunts!

Here are some of our excellent NPC crew, that will do their best to scare you on the surface, driving the surfops vehicles, filling gaps or playing temporary characters in Thermopylae and in general running errands during the larp.

Jolanda Snelleberg

Who are you?
I’m a Dutch larper recently moved to Umeå, Sweden. I’ve been larping for 14 years (time flies) in the Netherlands. I love to be involved with larps as more than only a player, mainly as npc until now. This will be my first ‘big’ event!

In everyday life I’m an ecologist and a dancer, but at the moment I’m enjoying Sweden, having adventures and trying to figure out what I want from life =)

What are your tasks at the larp?
Whatever needs doing during the event, plus some time before and after.

Why are you a part of the crew?
It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Swedish/international larp culture. Plus, as an ecologist, and with a name like Lotka-Volterra of course I just had to be part of it.

What makes you tick?
Being part of a something bigger that makes the world a little bit better. And that sometimes, both in-game and off, the smallest details can mean the biggest difference.

Arvid Björklund

Who are you?
I’m Arvid and I’ve been larping for 17 years now. I’ve been to a huge amount of larps on different scales and tried most genres and styles. Besides being a player I’ve written characters for Convention of Thorns and Collage of Wizardry, been an NPC for a number of different larps including Fortune and Felicity and Berättelsefrämjandet’s Mare Incognitum and I have also organized two larger vampire-larp campaigns as well as many different kinds of table top RPGs through the years.

What are your tasks at the larp?
The “surface encounter team”!

Why are you a part of the crew?
I love sci-fi in all forms, and larping in a bunker on such an ambitious scale is somewhat of a dream come true. I instantly knew I wanted to be part of the project!

What makes you tick?
When my me and my co-players create memorable play in sync!

Lisa Tegelmark

Who are you?
I am a former theatre teacher and event manager, but changed my career and now I’m coaching people in personal development. I’ve been larping since 1997 and love everything about it, regardless if I am playing a role in it or helping out with the organisation.

What are your tasks at the larp?
Helping out as an NPC and with practical stuff to give you all the most awesome experience.

Why are you a part of the crew?
Because I love helping out with the organisation of larps and I have a special place in my heart for post apocalyptic ones.

What makes you tick?
To be part of awesomeness and to create stuff with other people.

Stanislav Blokhin

Who are you?
I have done cool stuff on LARPs before and been appreciated for it. 😉

What are your tasks at the larp?
Driving awesome vehicles for surface missions.

Why are you a part of the crew?
Bunkers are cool.

What makes you tick?
Doing exciting stuff with great people.

Onni Qvickström

Who are you?
Love all kinds of larps. Organized Tunguska, some Solnedgång larps and have helped out with a few Berättelsefrämjandet’s larps.

What are your tasks at the larp?
Grunting! Carrying stuff! And hopefully will find time and inspiration to NPC a little.

Why are you a part of the crew?
Because I love the crew and the larp setup.

What makes you tick?
Misery, dark stories, deep drama and carrying heavy stuff.

Magdalena Forsberg

Who are you?
I am a person who does grunting, shooting, logistics, providing nourishment for larpers down on their luck.

What are your tasks at the larp?
Driving awesome vehicles.

Why are you a part of the crew?
Why not?

What makes you tick?
Doing awesome stuff with awesome people.

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