FINAL FEATURE (also #26)

FINAL FEATURE (also #26)

Good people of Thermopylae! This will be our last feature before the larp. We are now entering maximum crunch mode, and will have very little time left for answering questions or producing text so here’s our guide to not panicking:

  1. Breathe
  2. Remember that once you are larping, things will work out fine. Don’t worry if you feel stressed over not knowing things.
  3. Ask your fellow participants if you have any questions. Many questions have already been answered before, and the people on slack (or the myriad of non-monitored facebook-groups) can probably answer yours.
  4. If you have an *urgent* question, email us at

We would also like to ask you all to support your friends who are going to the larp. We know quite a few people are not on slack (where the majority of the action has been), and some participants are feeling the stress of writing a character, reading fiction etc. Help ‘em out, and seek them out. Check in with them if they need your help or just to check that they’ve done everything they need to do. <3

Pre-game interviews

Our intrepid documentation crew would like to get you on cam before the game (this is completely voluntary of course). If you have time, please send us a little pre-game clip of yourself! Follow these simple instructions and upload to this public folder:


The first travel companion

To read the full guide and all official, published information about the fiction of Lotka-Volterra, look no more. You can find it here: The Full fiction guide to Lotka-Volterra

The second travel companion

Expect another PDF on Sunday, with most of your needs in term of rules, times and the bare basics. This will be a short PDF with just few pages.


To send you off and quickstart the dreams about Thermopylae, listen to Mathilda Hagfoss song Sunlight:


And on that note…

Contact! by Nicolas Lennman

A final piece of artwork from Nicolas Lennman, this time some unlucky SURFOPS encountering a xeno biological.

That’s it folks, see you in a few

//Olle, Sebastian and Simon


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