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Here’s a flash from the crew, in the form of a FAQ. We’ve had some questions about things where we have obviously been a bit vague, so this is an attempt to answer those questions a bit more clearly.

What!? Are you sold out?

All tickets to the larp has now been sold. We humbly thank all of you for the great interest that's been shown this project. We know that there are people out there who still want to come and defend humanity with us, if we get any returns or cancellations these will be offered to the ones on the waiting list:

Sign up on the reserve list here!

For how long can I buy a ticket?

Until we either reach 300 participants, or it’s January 1st 2018, whichever comes first.

When will we get characters?

In November we will open the participant system, in which you will log in and fill out things like wishes for your character. Once that is processed we will assign you a character, starting relationships etc. After that you are free to interact with other players, start new relationships, apply for shift transfers etc.

What about toilets?

There are no modern toilet facilities in the bunker, but we will provide sufficient toilet and hygiene-facilities (all sanitary needs for menstruation, washing of moon cups, etc covered). If you have more questions regarding the hygiene-solutions don’t hesitate to contact Martina Jansson (our head of logistics) at martina@beratta.org

And what about washing up?

There will be rudimentary washing up solutions in place to take care of the worst. Better than being out in the woods, but worse than being in a hostel.

How much will we work, and when?

Most of you (although not all) will be working on a rotating three-shift system, meaning a 24 hour day in the Outpost is divided into three working shifts (eg midnight to 08:00, 08:00 to 16:00 and 16:00 to midnight). Your day is divided into a work shift, free time and scheduled sleep, each 8 hours long. For some, shifts might change, eg work->freetime->sleep and then freetime->work->sleep etc.

Your eight hour work shift will not stop you from larping, and you might not have actual work to do for a full eight hours, some of the time might just be on standby. This does however mean that for some of you you will sleep during the day and work during the night. We will try, further down the line, to make the schedule as smooth as possible for everyone, and you will have the option to trade shifts with other players before the game.

How will we sleep?

Many of you have (rightly) wondered how you will actually sleep during the game. You will be sleeping on camping beds. You will *not* be sleeping directly on the concrete floor. You WILL be hotbunking, ie sharing a bed with someone on a different sleep schedule than you.

Something similar to this

There will also be an offgame room if you need rest away from players, and should you for any reason need to crash somewhere else we can house you in the GM lounge located a hundred meters outside the bunker.

Also, note: We will not interrupt your eight hours of sleep. While the larp will keep going on, sleepers will not be woken or forced out of their beds to do larp stuff. Diegetic alarms etc will, as far as technology and the location allows for it, be silent in the sleeping areas. While you’re sleeping, you’re essentially out of game and not to be disturbed. We will not intentionally do anything weird to your sleep or sense of time, apart from you all working shifts around the clock.

Where is Thermopylae geographically located ingame?

Haven, and it’s outposts (inlcuding Thermopylae) is diegetically located a few miles outside of Berlin, Germany, close to the current day border with Poland. Even though we are diegetically in Germany, you will all be playing in English and both language and former nationalities or ethnicities are not something the game will be about, and other players will probably think you’re crazy if you still think that has any bearing thirteen years after Nightfall.

What cool gear can I build/bring?

As a general rule, we will provide you with the things you need and the only things you bring are your clothes and some personal items. But if you like building stuff or have a cool idea, by all means get in touch and we’ll see if it fits the game!

Can I be part of a group with my friends?

Once we open the participant system you will be able to specify if there are other players you wish to be in the same group with. We will take it into account once we start building shifts and groups, but we naturally cannot guarantee that all wishes will be met.

How is physical conflict/combat/fighting represented?

Physical conflict in Thermopylae itself is different from combat on the surface. There will be almost no weapons in circulation in Thermopylae, and any conflicts that need to be resolved physically will be handled with a combination of physical larping (basically escalation/de-escalation techniques, check-ins and brawling on the ground). Combat on the surface will be a combination of airsoft guns, pyrotechnics and audiovisual effects (for instance energy weapons). There will not be boffering (ie close combat), but some specific types of enemies will attempt to engage you in close quarter combat (don’t let that happen).

Your character cannot be “killed” during the game (unless you yourself choose to – at which point you can spend the rest of the larp doing NPCing), but we want potential injuries or wounds to be played out as severe. Lotka-Volterra is not a boffer larp and you all need to treat violence as something that has severe consequences.

Will you arrange transport to/from the venue?

It is our intention to be able to provide transportation for those who need it. Pricing and exactly what kind of transport will depend on how many need it, and from where. You will have the option to request transportation when you sign in to the participant system, and we will see further down the line how many need it, so more info on that at a later stage.

When will subsidized tickets be available and who can buy them?

Subsidized tickets will be available once we reach full funding (155 participants). The subsidized tickets are for low-income participants, students, the unemployed etc, and we are employing the honor system here.

These tickets will be limited and given out primarily on a basis of balancing out variables such as self-identified gender and/or geographical residence.

I’m a newbie/not used to nordic style larps, can I come?

Yes of course! There will be plenty of time to talk to other participants and us about expectations, and getting help getting into the larps mindset. If you are not used to the “nordic” style of larp, please contact us with any questions you might have. No questions are stupid, and wrapping your head around concept such as honor system mechanics, meta techniques or play to lose/collaborative play can be confusing if you’re not used to them.

Will there be ingame currency/some monetary system?

There will not be a ingame currency, and Haven does not yet have a monetary system (it is however something that is actively being discussed ingame, so feel free to have opinions about it). Haven provides for its citizens the basic needs to the best of its ability. Haven has a system of requisitions and provisions, but any trade between people is on the barter system.

When is the larp actually taking place ingame?

The larp is taking place between the 5th and 7th of April 2031, so the time of the year is the same as in real life, just 13 years later. That also means that Nightfall is about now.


When: 5th to 8th of April 2018

Where: Lurbo, Uppsala, Sweden

Contact: lotka@beratta.org

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