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“The Last Line of Defense”


Thermopylae is a military installation, run by Command and in direct connection with High Command at Haven. However, it is more than that. It is an Outpost that has the task to bring Humanity to the Enemy, rather than merely hide as deep and far away as possible. It is the first active engagement Outpost you’ve established, all in order to find out everything you can about them. It is also an incredibly sensitive installation, a gamble in the face of danger, and one that has drawn a lot of internal criticism in Haven. Most people don’t know these things, because it is your job to make sure they don’t.

You are Intelligence, and you are the people who truly do the hard work at Thermopylae. Not hard on a physical level, but on an emotional and intellectual one.

At Thermopylae, you stick together. You have to. No one else will trust you, not truly. It is a lonely experience, but one where you try to lean on each other when you can. You are there to ensure that there aren’t any disruptions to the hierarchy, no uprisings and no information leaks to places where they could cause an uproar. You’re also there to evaluate the odds that humanity has to actually take the fight to the Enemy, or possibly, whether humanity can survive at all. Where everything is sugar-coated for the common populace, you all get to hear the real truths about things. (There will be plots added to your character sheets about the specific tasks that you have in the upcoming days, this is more a general description.)


Intelligence is a civilian branch in Haven. It was separated from the Military hierarchy after the rise of the Citizen’s Council, since the military lost the rights to police or control the populace internally - they only retained the rights to defend humanity from external threats and establish security there. However, the Intelligence branch remained close with the individuals who had run it inside the military, even if it was seeded with people from the democratic parts of Haven as well.

At Thermopylae, everyone is placed under military rule except for you. You work closely with Command but you answer only to the Intelligence Branch Board in Haven, old experienced individuals who hold all the secret information about the Enemy and humanity’s chances. In theory, it is a civilian structure, but you see yourselves as something in between.

Within the Intelligence branch in Thermopylae, there is the Head of Intelligence, the only individual outside the O-Com and the XOs who carries a handgun at all times. The Head has three Shift Leaders below them, who are the senior Intelligence officers. When the Head of Intelligence (HoI) is not present, they have the authority to carry out any action within their jurisdiction. What that is, however, is very unclear as it has never really been formalized or tried in a make-or-break situation.

Intel has ears everywhere

As Intelligence, it is your job to know everything about everyone. Any detail might be useful should there be unrest in Haven or the Outpost, or should there be sensitive positions open. You’re not Gestapo, you are all just looking out for the best interests of Haven, and sometimes that means keeping people from doing stupid things before they realize themselves what they are doing.

What this means during the larp is that you will have unrestricted access to everyone's personnel file, and a certain degree of information exchange with the Counselors. The data in the personnel files is not 100% diegetic, as it has been written by each participant, so you will have to interpret that data as you see fit.

Communication with Haven

You have a terminal (or two) that are directly connected with Haven through cables. They allow you to share information and plan with the Haven Intelligence and receive real-time updates on things that are going on in both places. They are highly prioritized when it comes to electricity usage, but in the end, it is Command and Life Support that decide which areas will be prioritized for energy usage - when Science are running some particularly heavy experiments, you are sometimes forced to shut the screens down and go dark.

Typical tasks

  • Interviews with individuals about incidents - building a picture of the goings-on in the outpost, what power groups there are and any potential threats to the stability of the outpost.
  • Briefings with Command about security risks and assessments
  • Inspections
  • Gathering of information from scientists and maintenance about observations
  • Meetings about recent data
  • Notekeeping
  • Entering information into the database
  • Meetings with Haven Intel for new directives and instructions

Special tasks

  • Dissemination of classified data to Command or other individuals, on the say-so of Haven Intelligence Branch. Sometimes previously classified data needs to be disseminated for the operational security of certain missions or command decisions.
  • Investigations. There might be case files already in your systems, or sent by Haven Intelligence for you to pursue. At your disposal you have the authority to perform digital eavesdropping on communications, as well as interviews, searches etc.

When: 5th to 8th of April 2018

Where: Lurbo, Uppsala, Sweden


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