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The salt of the Ruined Earth



You take care of everything from bruises and cuts to battlefield trauma. It’s sometimes grisly work, with woefully inadequate supplies, but you make do with what you have. You will take care of in-game injuries, not off-game, so no real medical knowledge necessary (it’s however a bonus if you know some lingo).


The onsite science team consist of a few experts on xenobehaviour, xenobiology and xenorobotics, and your main duties are analysing sensor data and samples collected by Maintenance and SURFOPS, and assisting MISCON during surface operations. You also have your own science projects to run, trying to get a deeper knowledge of the Enemy and their technology.


Everyone carries around deep trauma, both from the Nightfall and from recent events. Some might just have lost friends during a mission, or maybe the oppressive darkness and claustrophobia makes some people fall into depression. That’s where you come in – you counsel, you talk and support the Outpost personnel, and you act more or less like therapists.


Your duty is primarily fire safety and personal safety. Sometimes fights break out as tensions mount in the Outpost, and it’s your job to make sure that stuff gets locked down quickly. You are also tasked with overall firewatch (making sure fire exits and evacuation routes are clear, and intervening if anything presents a fire hazard), and some light investigative duty as petty thefts and the like sometimes do happen. But you are not “police”.


The mission critical equipment and supplies of the Outpost is your domain. You make sure nothing gets lost, that everything from weapons, electronics and protective gear to tools and general supplies are in working order and well tended. Your primary concern will be taking care of, preparing and servicing the SURFOPS and Maintenance gear. You will be working in close cooperation with organizer technicians.


When: 5th to 8th of April 2018

Where: Lurbo, Uppsala, Sweden


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